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Athalie Alexander Arrington

Athalie Alexander-Arrington

Associate Director of Admissions
Recruitment and Admissions

“Since joining USS in December 2019, I have had the opportunity to work with colleagues from all around the world. In addition to my role as Associate Director, Admissions NY Metro Area; I also serve on an Employee Resource Group, UNITED. UNITED’s mission is to promote and advance practices, policies and programming that foster a culture of diversity and inclusion across the entire organization, resulting in organizational success and community well-being. Working in UNITED has afforded me the opportunity to expand my professional skill set as well as deepen my understanding of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

Sharmin Ami

Registrar Coordinator

“What excites me about my role is being able to help students in times of need which is very rewarding. I can relate to students personally since I am also a student who understands the pressure to meet deadlines for various applications. The work environment at USS is amazing. I have great coworkers that I can rely on for help. The hybrid schedule also makes getting work done more conveniently.”

Jeannie Bazemore

Senior Program Coordinator
Clinical Education Operations

“There is great open communication with management. They are always available for questions and suggestions that can improve processes.”

James Brady-Mack

James Brady-Mack

Associate Director of Admissions
Recruitment and Admissions

“I have always thought of USS as a family. When I visited Grenada and met the SGU team, that feeling even intensified as I realized we’re all working together for a common goal. I feel comfortable reaching out to anyone within the organization for help and guidance, which speaks volumes. It’s really important to me to be part of an organization where I feel supported and valued, but most of all, I really enjoy feeling that my opinions are being heard and that leadership uses my ideas to enhance the student experience. It’s also important to note that collaboration is always encouraged from management, across the entire organization. There are always opportunities to work with other departments to improve processes or implement new initiatives.”

Ryan Derleth

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
Financial Planning

“As a member of the financial planning team at USS/SGU for the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects alongside very intelligent professionals. The information and intelligence that my team and I provide feels purposeful and impactful. What we do matters to the business, it’s employees and our students. I’m proud to be part of USS/SGU and the work we do because we provide medical professionals into the world and also give students a pathway to achieve what they have worked hard for.”

Vanessa Gill

Admissions Coordinator
Recruitment and Admissions

“One of my favorite parts about working here is the team that I work with. Since my first day, everyone has been incredibly welcoming and always willing to assist in any way. We are all here for our students and share the same goal, which helps to keep us united. This is truly the best group that I have ever worked with and I’m honored to call them all my colleagues.”

Bryan Maccarrone

Senior Manager
Admissions Operations

“The most interesting thing about working here is the diversity of colleagues as well as students I get to work with. Working closely with Colleagues worldwide and from all different specialties brings a global view to my everyday projects. The information and knowledge that everyone brings are insightful and eye-opening. I have never worked in a job that I felt connected with Colleagues and students worldwide, and it keeps every day a rewarding experience.”

Katie Majewski

Senior Analyst

“As a registrar analyst, I help manage our student data, reporting systems, and business processes. My work allows me to contribute in a meaningful way by finding creative solutions that utilize my current knowledge while challenging me to continue building my skills. The team I work with was very welcoming when I started at USS, offering guidance and support as I learned about my role and the organization. And the friendly and collaborative environment makes every day fun and exciting.”

Mohin Manjardekar

Admissions Officer International
Recruitment and Admissions

“SGU always values and takes care of all its employees from different parts of the world, for them employee Satisfaction has always been there first priority, I really appreciate the love and care that they have for employees, and they respect each and everyone’s culture, also they keep their employees engaged with different learning activities and ensure that they have a perfect work-life balance.”

Lily Phommarack

Associate Director, International Academic Affiliations
Recruitment and Admissions

“The most interesting thing about working for SGU is the people. The leadership is really committed to hiring the most qualified and experienced candidates but also the “best fit” for the team and roles. We truly have a blend of personalities and energies across the organization and what makes it all work, is the commitment of leadership to train and invest in each team member through internal and external training and coaching opportunities that focus on each individual and the team as whole at the same time. SGU is a really diverse organization and that was also very important to me when I joined. Working for an organization that truly values and promotes diversity and a cohesive culture really matter to me and I am proud that SGU is not afraid to discuss how societal issues can affect us as individuals; whether it is the pandemic and its effects on our mental health and daily routine, or tackling tough conversations about diversity and privilege. As a woman, expat and ethnic minority, the values reflected through these conversations really matter to me and influence social change from within the organization.”

Jaime Surace

Manager of Scholarships

“I have the amazing opportunity to assist students in fulfilling their dream of becoming a doctor. Our incoming students come from diverse backgrounds committing themselves to academic excellence, humanitarian efforts, healthcare careers, giving back to underserved populations and more. Through scholarship I am the lucky one to acknowledge these efforts and be a part of their continued journey of being a doctor.”

Brad Wade

Regional Director
International Recruitment

“The fact that we are a niche product in a highly specialized area, and which provides opportunities to students for a sought-after subject which has little global capacity in general for the demand, makes SGU one of the most interesting places to work. The challenge of finding the right students who fit SGU specifically, in a market like Africa, is far more rewarding than representing a large general university with dozens of faculties. The bonds you form with these students and their families and agents or school counsellors as a result are strong and long-lasting. That we are contributing to closing the gap in the shortage of doctors around the world is rewarding in and of itself.”