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USS provides a number of different areas for career opportunities and growth. We pride ourselves around having fulfilling career pathways in which you are part of a very special mission to help prepare students to shape the future of the medical field. Whether you are in a functional role behind the scenes or in a student facing service role, our meaningful careers have a positive impact on the world in which we live. Be a part of making a difference – join our team.

Current Openings
Salil Gupta

“I am given multiple opportunities to interact with team member from different departments while learning from their roles and sharing inputs from my experiences.

I am proud and confident to say that USS’s culture definitely stands out compared to many organizations I have been a part of. The culture has always encouraged me to be open and share my thoughts and feelings. USS has always supported me and others with professional development, well-being and work life balance ensuring that overall growth and satisfaction is met.”

Salil Gupta