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USS provides a number of different areas for career opportunities and growth. We pride ourselves around having fulfilling career pathways in which you are part of a very special mission to help prepare students to shape the future of the medical field. Whether you are in a functional role behind the scenes or in a student facing service role, our meaningful careers have a positive impact on the world in which we live. Be a part of making a difference – join our team.

Current Openings

“The fact that we are a niche product in a highly specialized area, and which provides opportunities to students for a sought-after subject which has little global capacity in general for the demand, makes SGU one of the most interesting places to work. The challenge of finding the right students who fit SGU specifically, in a market like Africa, is far more rewarding than representing a large general university with dozens of faculties. The bonds you form with these students and their families and agents or school counsellors as a result are strong and long-lasting. That we are contributing to closing the gap in the shortage of doctors around the world is rewarding in and of itself.”

Brad Wade
Regional Director